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Book Review: Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

One of the very early classics of self-help literature which condenses a lot of knowledge about self-awareness into about 200 pages.
It’s especially helpful to people who are new to the self-development scene but should but taken with a grain of salt!

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Getting Things Done with Tomatoes – The Pomodoro Technique

Problems with focusing on task? Feeling overwhelmed with a huge or annoying project? This is my go-to-method to tackle these challenges!
Find out how tomatoes can help you effectively!


The Hidden Power of Mini Habits

Starting out with a new project like exercising can be fun. However, people sadly often overestimate their abilities to stick to their habits and fail after a short time!

Is there a way then to keep your long-term success high and stick to your resolutions? Mini Habits are the answer! Find out more about them in this post!