Book Review

Book Review: The Quick & Easy Way to Effective Speaking (Dale Carnegie)

Did you ever need to listen to that boring relative on a reunion who just isn’t able to tell his stories in an exciting way?
Maybe that description even fits you yourself?
This book teaches you the basics and specifics of how to speak effectively!

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Getting Things Done with Tomatoes – The Pomodoro Technique

Problems with focusing on task? Feeling overwhelmed with a huge or annoying project? This is my go-to-method to tackle these challenges!
Find out how tomatoes can help you effectively!

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Interleaved Practice – Mix Up Your Learning Strategy

Learning information in blocks is an exhausting drag. What if there was a way to mix it up and additionaly improve your memory!

Interleaved Practice not only yields those results but also adds the benefits of other learning techniques like Spaced Repetition.

Find out what it is about in this article!

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Hacking your Memory – Four Magic Mnemonic Techniques

Studying listed information can be such a drag!
Luckily that is a known problem and time has developed a bunch of useful memory hacks.
Learn more about these mnemonics and how they work in this post!

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Building A Palace In Your Mind – The Method of loci

A Mind Palace is a mental space where you link information you want to remember with different objects.
This effectively exploits a lot of functions of the brain that are used for absorbing new information.
With this technique some people are even able to recall several thousands of items.

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How to Study the Smart Way not the Hard Way – Spaced Repetition

Be honest to yourself – have you ever found yourself cramming before your exams?

Stop now! There is a scientifically proven study method that allows you to double your long-term retention with less time-investment – Spaced Repetition!

Start working smart not hard now!